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9h00 Yoga Stretch KP Studio

10h00 Pilates KP Studio

11h00 Pilates KP Studio

12h00 Pilates Luchon Gymnic Club

17h30 Yoga KP Studio

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8h Cardio Core Cours Particular

9h45 Pilates Ball KP Studio

11h00 Renforcement Luchon Gymnic Club

17h00 Core Connection Cours Particular

18h15 Pilates MJC

19h15 Pilates MJC


7h30 Cardio Core Cours Particular

8h00 Core Connection Zoom

9h00 Yoga Stretch KP Studio

10h00 Pilates KP Studio

11h00 Vinyasa Yoga KP Studio

17h30 Yoga Cours particular

19h00 Core Connection Luchon Gymnase


8h00 Pilates  Institut Sportif du Louron

Kate's Story

Kate has been teaching exercises inspired from yoga, pilates, fitness classes and drama practices for over 20 years. Kate's classes bring a unique approach to teaching and self-healing — one that focuses on moving the body with the breath to help each individual improve their core stability, balance, coordination and connection with their inner self. Kate also includes fun creative exercises to help reduce tension so that everyone can practice in a warm friendly environment without fear of judgement or self scrutiny.  KP Core Connection can be taught in Kate's private studio in Luchon or in your own home or online through Zoom.


Kate enseigne des exercices inspirés du yoga, du pilates, des cours de fitness et des pratiques théâtrales depuis plus de 20 ans. Les cours de Kate apportent une approche unique de l'enseignement et de l'auto-guérison - une approche qui se concentre sur le mouvement du corps avec la respiration pour aider chaque individu à améliorer sa stabilité, son équilibre, sa coordination et sa connexion avec son moi intérieur. Kate comprend également des exercices créatifs amusants pour aider à réduire la tension afin que chacun puisse pratiquer dans un environnement chaleureux et convivial sans crainte de jugement ou d'auto-examen. KP Core Connection peut être enseigné dans le studio privé de Kate à Luchon ou dans votre propre maison ou en ligne via Zoom.



The philosophy behind KP Core Connection started over 20 years ago when Kate was working as a drama teacher for children and young adults, including children with special needs such as autism. Kate realised back then the benefits improvisation and creative movement were having on the children and their overall health. Teaching drama gave Kate an early insight into the healing qualities playful movement can have on the body. Kate also studied as a personal trainer and gym instructor, before becoming a professional mountain bike racer. During this time Kate experienced and witnessed the negative impact physical movement can have on the body when combined with mental stress and chronic high levels of the 'fight and flight response'. Kate undertook 5 years studying nutritional therapy where she took a keen interest in the negative effects chronic stress has on the body. Nutritional Therapy is not just about nutrient choices and certainly not calorie counting. Nutritional Therapy looks very closely at lifestyle choices, mental health and the impact the environment has on our genes (epigenetics). Research supports yoga as a therapy for chronic health conditions and stress related illnesses, as well as simply improving overall health. Kate decided to train as a yoga teacher, where she met Tandy who specializes in using yoga techniques to help heal and reduce pain in people living with chronic pain. All these experiences and the people Kate has learnt from along the way have all contributed to the idea behind KP Core Connection.
Kate focuses on a wide range of techniques and exercises to help individuals improve their physical and mental well being. KP Core Connection provides a healing and friendly environment for individuals to take ownership of their body and to connect with their internal self. Kate's classes are available to different age groups, athletic abilities and can be taught in english or french. Self harm and self judgement will not be tolerated. Instead be prepared for self development and awareness in a warm, fun and friendly environment.